Sterling Silver Ring, Blue Lapis Lazuli, Statement Ring Size 7 1/2

0.25 lb
Gorgeous sterling silver size 7 1/2 ring with a blue Lapis Lazuli oval cute stone in the center and unique ring face accents. The Lapis Lazuli measures 9/16" wide and 3/8" tall and it's a heavy ring, well built with beautiful colors, artwork and design. This is higher quality jewelry with makers mark and 925 stamp on inner ring band. Unlike most items sold nowadays quality jewelry can last a lifetime!

From antiquity, lapis lazuli has been worn in the belief that it will ward off evil. In ancient Egypt, it was powdered and worn about the eyes to improve eyesight. Today, it is considered by some to be an aid to balancing the brow chakra (which influences vision and hearing). Imbalances of the brow (or blue) chakra are said to cause headaches, anxiety and disorders of the skin.

Love the look and rich colors of gemstones and looking for something affordable and unique for your jewelry collection that is both beautiful and high quality, and something you would be proud to wear? Gemstones set on a silver setting makes a beautiful combination!