Dept 56 Breezy Hill Stables (Missing Weathervane) Season's Bay Village from 2000

5.0 lb
Department 56 Breezy Hill Stables Seasons Bay Village Series from 2000. This spacious livery is dedicated to providing the finest boarding and care and developing harmony between horse and rider. If you are an avid competitor in Dressage or jumping or you ride simply for pleasure, this is the place to cater to your horse's comfort. Size: 8.5 x 7 x 6.75". The Breezy Hill Stables looks beautiful when lit.

NOTE: The weathervane is no longer with the building but it is still a very beautiful Season's Bay collectible.

This beautiful Christmas collectible makes a classy addition to any village collection. The Breezy Hill Stables is in good condition for being over 20 years old and has beautiful artwork, color and design, each piece is properly marked on the bottom of the piece. Comes with protective case and sleeve (sleeve has wear) and light cord.