Dept 56 Kings Road Post Office Dickens Village Lighted Christmas Building - 1992

4.0 lb
Department 56 King's Road Post Office, Dickens Christmas Village lighted building from 1992. Beautiful hand painted porcelain building. Lovely simple four-sided stone three-story building with semi circular turret-like two-story rise out of window area. Entrance door surmounted by pediment just below post office sign. Triple flue chimney rises off back of building. The Kings Road Post Office looks beautiful when lit. Size: 6" x 4.75" x 7"

This beautiful Christmas collectible makes a classy addition to any village collection. The Kings Road Post Office is in good condition for being over 30 years old and has beautiful artwork, color and design, each piece is properly marked on the bottom of the piece. Comes with protective case and sleeve (sleeve has wear) and light cord.

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