Dept 56 The Garden Cart Seasons Bay Village From 1998

0.75 lb
Department 56 The Garden Cart, Seasons Bay Village accessory from 1998. Beautiful hand painted pewter figurines. A 4-wheeled cart pulled by a horse, with a boy riding on his back, and girls in the cart along with flowers. The flower lovers delight in a carriage ride to the Seasons Bay garden. Size: 3.75" x 2"

Seasons Bay was introduced in 1998 and was intended as the first year-round Village representing a late 19th-century American resort town. The last pieces were released in 2001 and all pieces have since been retired.

Village accessories enhance the uniquely American charm of the lighted buildings of a turn-of-the century town. Designed and sized to coordinate with the Department 56 Seasons Bay Villages, these accessories bring a lively feeling of activity to any display.

Classy addition to any village collection. The The Garden Cart is in good condition for being over 20 years old and has beautiful artwork, colors and design, each piece is properly marked on the bottom of the piece, includes original box and sleeve (sleeve has wear).

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