Dept 56 Trick or Treat, Seasons Bay Resort Town Village - 1998

0.5 lb
Color: Orange
Material: Pewter
Department 56 Trick or Treat, Seasons Bay village accessory from 1998. Set of 4 figurines. Beautiful hand painted Pewter accessory. This group of figurines depicts various children celebrating various Halloween activities. Two children are dressed up as elderly women, and one is portraying a pirate for Trick or Treat. Pumpkin carving is the other activity with one boy carrying a pumpkin and a second boy sitting o a rail fence looking at what he has carved. Size: 1.5''

The Trick or Treat is in good condition for being over 20 years old and has beautiful artwork, colors and design, each piece is properly marked on the bottom of the piece, includes original box and sleeve (sleeve has wear).