Disney Around the World in 80 Days Collectors DVD Advertisement 3" Pin - 2004

0.25 lb
Color: Blue
Material: Metal
Disney Pin - Around the World in 80 Days button pin. This was movie promo pin which was released by Disney in 2004.

This is a button pin for the release of Around the World in 80 Days. It features Jackie Chan, Steve Coogan and Cecile De France who all star in the movie. This button also features various inventions that were used to get the trio around the world. A hot air balloon, a flying machine, and a man with a jet pack are in the background of this button. A small picture of the Statue of Liberty is also featured on the bottom of this button.

This button pin was given to employees at major retail stores to promote the movie. Button reads: Walt Disney Pictures Presents Around the World in 80 Days Own it on Disney DVD Nov. 2. This pin button was released in 2004