Disney Button Pin - Castaway Ray's Stingray Adventure Conservation Fund - DCL

0.25 lb
Color: Blue
Material: Metal
This three inch button has an orange base color. In the center of the button is the traditional Disney Wildlife Conservation color image of a variety of animals. Across the top of the button it says Castaway Ray's, and around the bottom of the button is says Stingray Adventure. And the mid point on both the right and left is an image of a Stingray. This was given to participants of the Stingray Adventure at Castaway Cay as part of the money paid for this experience goes to benefit the Disney Wildlife Conservation Fund.

This pin is in great condition for being over 20 years old. I am the original owner and this pin has never been traded or circulated. Pin only, no card. This beautiful Disney collectible pin is a nice piece of Disney history. This would make a great gift for any Disney Fan or a great addition to your own Disney memorabilia collection!