Disney Collector Pin, WDW - Donald Duck Multi-Image Corner Pin

3.0 lb

This Open Edition Pin is part of the Mickey's Mystery Pin Machine Puzzle Collection and features Donald Duck. This pin will not be sold separately and will be randomly distributed via Mickey's Mystery Pin Machine. Mickey's Mystery Pin Machine makes its debut on Thursday, Sept. 6, 2007 at MouseGear located at Epcot®. This pin can also be purchased for $1 with every $30 spent at some locations. This >-shaped pin shows three different views of Donald Duck on two different color backgrounds: gold and green. Donald is wearing his usual blue sailor suit and cap/hat, with red bow tie.

Pin and pin back only, no card is included.  Pin is in mint condition, Pin originally bought at Walt Disney World. Pin is from original owner and has never been traded or circulated.  Pin has always been stored a collectors book to protect it.  Pin has ©Disney Copyright Stamp on Rear of Pin.