Disney - Friend Owl - Walt Disney's Bambi Booster Collectible Pin From 2008

0.25 lb
Color: Grey
Material: Enamel
Disney Collectible Pin - Friend Owl - from Walt Disney's Bambi, this was an open edition pin which was released at Walt Disney World in 2008

This really unique pin was part of a Bambi 4 Pin Booster Collection from 2008 and features Friend Owl who is an advisor and a mentor to the Great Prince of the Forest, along with his son, Bambi. Friend Owl is looking right with big eyes. Pin measures about 1 1/2" tall. See pictures for size, pin data and condition.

This pin is in great condition for being over 15 years old and I am the original owner, and this pin has never been traded or circulated. Pin and pin back only, no card. This beautiful Disney collectible pin is a nice piece of Disney history. This would make a great gift for any Disney Fan or a great addition to your own Disney memorabilia collection!