Disney Halloween Scarecrow Walt Disney World Collectible Pin From 2008

0.25 lb
Disney Halloween 2008 - Scarecrow spinner collectible pin which was part of the celebrate halloween 2008 series of pins which was released at Walt Disney World parks in 2008 with a limited edition of 1000.

This Disney pin features memories of Halloween 2008 with this Limited Edition pin featuring a scarecrow head and a spinning background of bats. The scarecrow is wearing an orange straw hat on his head that has a purple hat band and a glow-in-the-dark Mickey icon. His glow-in-the-dark eyes are the 0's in "2008", and his stitched mouth is the word "HALLOWEEN." The spinner is purple with black bats and a full moon on it.

This pin is in mint condition for being almost 15 years old. I am the original owner and this pin has never been traded or circulated. Pin and pin back only, no card.