Disney Pin - Tinker Bell - Vial of Magic Dust - Dangle from 2007

0.25 lb
Color: Green
Material: Enamel
This is an open edition edition Tinker Bell pin was released at Walt Disney World in 2007

This unique pin features Disney character Tinker Bell who carries a small blue bottle wrapped in silver filigree, and there is a cork stopper in the end. Tink's wings and green costume have glitter in them. This gold and silver-finished, textured-back pin has two stakes and measures 2 1/2", from the tip of Tinker Bell's right wing, to the bottom of the bottle and 1 5/8" wide from the outside edge of the filigree, on the bottle, to the tip of Tinker Bell's right wing.

This pin is in great condition for being over 15 years old. I am the original owner and this pin has never been traded or circulated. Pin and pin back only, no card. This beautiful Disney collectible pin is a nice piece of Disney history. This would make a great gift for any Disney Fan or a great addition to your own Disney memorabilia collection!

Pin and pin back only, no card.