Fashionable Women's Sterling Silver Garnet Ring, Birthstone Jewelry, Size 6

0.25 lb

Stunningly beautiful multi-stone Garnet women's sterling silver ring in size 6. This lovely ring is nice and shiny and has really nice heart accents on the ring face and rich red colors with 3 marquise cut garnet stones. A larger size ring which will grab attention when worn. Garnet is the birthstone for the month of January.

The garnets are marquise cut and measure 5/16 and 1/4" tall and this is higher quality jewelry with both 925 and markers mark stamps in the inner band. s a higher quality ring since it also contains a makers mark stamp.

Love the look and rich colors of gemstones and looking for something affordable and unique for your jewelry collection that is both beautiful and high quality, and something you would be proud to wear? Gemstones set on a silver setting makes a beautiful combination!

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