Fisher Price Little People Green and Yellow School Desks, Play Family School 70s

0.25 lb
Fisher Price Little People Yellow and Green School Desk (Set of 2) , this toy was included in the Play Family School play set produced by fisher price from 1971 - 1978.

Lime Green and yellow in color, a single-hole chair with an attached desk "ledge". Size: 1-3/8" wide x 2-1/8" deep x 1-1/4" tall.

Toy has some scuffs from previous play. This item is in good condition for being over 40 years old and not many of these around anymore. Great vintage piece for anyone that loves vintage, nostalgic Fisher Price toy collectibles from the 70s era, or even just old school retro memorabilia from days gone by. You (or you parents) might have actually played with this as a kid back in the day!

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