Lot of 6 Bugs Bunny A Little Golden Book Includes Original Sleeve, Vintage 1990s

3.0 lb

Lot of 6 Bugs Bunny Warner Brothers A Little Golden Book, Original Sleeve is still with the set, vintage Warner Brothers collectible from 1990.  This originally had 10 books when this came out in 1990, but only 6 are in this set.

This sale includes 6 of the 10 books from this set.  Books are in pretty good condition, only 1 of the 6 have slight water stains from storage but this does not affect reading the books at all, all pages present and no writing in inner pages.  The original sleeve is included and it has wear and water stains.  Bindings on all books are nice and tight.  See pictures.

Not many of these around anymore and is a great vintage piece for anyone that loves Bugs Bunny or children's books, nostalgic collectibles, or even just old school memorabilia from days gone by.

Nice condition for being over 30 years old it is in great shape for it's age, everything is original and it's a beautiful piece of old school retro American history, and you might have seen one like this on your mom's children's book collection back in the day. 

This is a must have collectible for any vintage Warner Brothers or Little Golden Books collector and a fine example of early 90s era design and craftsmanship. 

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