Playmates NASA Space Shuttle Launch Pad - Vintage 1989 Toy

2.5 lb
Vintage Playmates NASA Space Shuttle Launch Pad Toy from 1984. Pretty cool old toy and the radar mast still spins and the stickers rotate when turns when you turn the handle. The sticker are still in pretty good shape and the toy still looks good on display

The playset is actually in pretty good condition for being over 30 years old and would make a great addition to any vintage toy collection. Pretty big toy measuring 14" long, 10" wide by 4" tall.

Note: the space shuttle mover handle no longer moves and seems to have detached from the moving mechanism for the space shuttle toy, I don't know if it can be repaired but there are screws on the bottom if you want to attempt to take it apart, also no people, vehicles or accessories are included, only the base toy (see pictures).

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