Pre-Owned Outers Shotgun Cleaning Kit

2.0 lb
Old Vintage Outers Gun Cleaning Kit Shotguns Plastic Ornate 2 Piece Case. Auction For 1 Vintage Outers Shotgun Cleaning Kit Plastic 2 Piece Engrave Case Brown Ornate Lid Depicts 2 Ducks Landing Right Side, Center Guy With Shotgun and Dog Center, Nice Deer Buck in Mountainous Scene Left Side Outers In Gold Color Writing 9 Piece Set Include 3 Piece Aluminum Rod, Handle, Wire Brush, Gun Oil Bottle almost full, Solvent Bottle is almost Empty, Patches, Patch Holding Attachment

The cleaning brush measures 3/4" in diameter, I believe it is for a 12 gauge, but not entirely sure, then handle screws together without any issues.

Please look at the pictures carefully as this is exactly what you will receive.  No returns or refunds on this item.