Reliance REEVES Drive Model H-190 Speed Control Motor Mount B302 8630

11.5 lb
Reliance REEVES Drive Model H-190 Speed Control motor mount.  The name plate shows Model H-190 P-6855-010,  and the lettering stamped on the base under the wheel reads B (or 8) 302 on one side and 8630 on the other side. 

I am not sure what motor was originally on this mount or what this base actually is called so I guessed.  I researched this and know nothing about it except Reeves' are pricey no matter what the model or part.  When the handle is turned the outer mount moves.  The mounting holes are all in good shape and the wheel spins freely. There are some scratching on one of the guide rails but this does not seem to affect the movement of the mount at all.  This mount weights 10 pounds

I have posted pictures showing the mount slots with a ruler for your reference.  this is exactly what you will receive so please look closely to ensure it will work for you.

I'm not accepting returns on this item, please look at the pictures closely to make sure you motor will fit before purchasing.

SELLING AS IS - NO returns or Refunds on this item.