Silver Cat Stud Earrings with Round Baltic Amber Accents

0.25 lb

Beautiful cat earrings with a pretty Baltic amber stones in the at the bottom corner of each earrings and they are set in sterling silver with a pretty looping tail and they are attached with a pretty silver ball at the stud portion of the earring, the cat appears to be smiling and this piece of jewelry has beautiful colors, artwork and design. 

- Earrings measures 1" from top to bottom of the earrings.
- Beautiful colors, artwork and design.
- Stamped 925 (sterling silver)
- Higher quality jewelry with makers mark stamp on each butterfly clip
- Beautiful quality gift idea that can last for generations.

This unique amber jewelry has rich colors that only amber can produce. Looking for something original and uniquely designed for your jewelry collection that is both beautiful and high quality, and something you would be proud to wear? Amber stones set in sterling silver makes a beautiful combination!