Star Trek Act 5 Scene One Vintage TOS Slash Fanzine (K/S) from 1985

2.0 lb
Color: White
Material: Paper
Scene One K/S Anthology Stories by: Natasha Solten, Robin Hood, Tere Ann Roderick, among others... Beautiful front and back covers by Marilyn Cole Interior Art by: Pendragon, Caro Hedge, C.A. Pierce *Nine long, hot Kirk/Spock stories and dozens of beautiful poems Star Trek Fanzine "Act 5, Scene 1" slash zine, 154 pages, contains adult text / illustrations see photo of contents.

Note: this zine was released by Marilyn Cole in 1985 and I believe it is an original edition as it does not have the text printed on the cover like the ones printed by Mkashef Enterprises in 1987.

* Warning: this fanzine contains stories about a romantic/sexual relationship between two men. If this offends you please do not buy it.

"K/S" (Slash) indicates a same-sex relationship.