Stardate Unknown Volume 1 - Vintage Star Trek TOS Fanzine from 1976

0.88 lb
Color: Black

Stardate Unknown Volume 1 - Vintage Star Trek TOS Fanzine. This fanzine was published in July 1976 and is 97 pages long. This issue features full-size type, but no "double spaced" paragraphs! Beautiful writing, rich characterization, where each of the three stories pivots upon one of the three major characters. AMONG THE STARS is a McCoy piece ... romantic and joyous; THE COMING FLAME is very much a Spock piece; and NEBULA OF ORION focuses on Jim Kirk. NEBULA is a "gen" piece, there is no "slash" in this zine, but the foundations are laid here for what is to come."

Zine is in good condition for its age with no writing or tears in the books inner pages. Fanzine's were armature fan publications that usually have drawings, illustrations and poetry included inside. The spine does have creases from previous reading. See pictures for condition and print data.

This zine comes from the original owner's collection is in great shape for being almost 50 years old with just a little wear from age and and make a great addition to any Star Trek collection.