Vintage Bulova Minnie Mouse Character Watch With Two-Tone Stainless Steel Band

0.62 lb
Vintage Bulova Minnie Mouse Character Watch, Watch is in very good vintage condition, crystal is scratch free, case, band and case back in good condition.  Watch band latch works as it should.  See pictures for watch measurements.

Watch face, caseback and band in very good condition, this watch was obtained from the original owner of a large private disney collection which was obtained between 1995 - 2007 and items purchased at Walt Disney World. Watch has never been traded resold or circulated. Watch has ©Disney Copyright Stamp on watchface and watch caseback is stamped "Bulova, A7 ST. STEEL BACK, WATER RESIST, C937445" 

Watch battery will need replaced, we are not willing potentially damage or scratch the caseback to replace the battery so this should be accomplished by a competent jeweler to preserve the caseback condition and maintain the value of the watch.  
Class: Disney Watch
Maker:  Bulova
Origin: Walt Disney World
Categories: Attraction; Mickey Icon; Park; Series
Caseback Marking: "Bulova, A7 ST. STEEL BACK, WATER RESIST, C937445"